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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Greens oppose Australia joining the fight against ISIS

The Australian Greens are real traitors and people like Christina Milne need to shut their big trap and go back to bed or be frog marched off to internment camps as well as a national security risk

In times like this we must stop and bring to a half big events like The Sydney Mardi Gras as it is a national security risk on Australia and concentrating on fighting our enemies. 

That is why we need Prisoner of war camps, to give people like Christian Milne - the Greens and those people who want to keep a focus on issues like the Mardi Gras rather than our national security a place to abide and be kept safe until the war is over. - the war is on now
 and others of such must be put on hold until this war is over in the state of national security. 

We are at war with ISIS - it has been declared and we can not go back now and the Greens and like such as Andrew Wilky must accept this. 

From now on it is my duty under the power of God to work to see that every last Green and feminist person is thrown out of Australian party as they are a national security risk to all in our country - especially in a time of war like we are presently going into. 

I state that those who set me up with lies to loose my taxi authority and taking me to court on false accusations and lies are traitors to Australia in times of war like this and if they do NOT SHUT their big traps they need to be frog marched off to prisoner of war camps as a national security risk to all. 

Rating towards agenda 21 I give this a five star rating ***** as it could lead directly to Agenda 21 coming to power

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