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Thursday, 2 October 2014

It is my duty to oppose the Australian Green party

Whilst I might agree with their humanitarian policies on refugees and other such environmental issues - overall they are traitors with no common sense at all what so ever so I feel that God wants me to oppose them on all levels as they will only mess up out country. 

Their policies on sexuality and on vilification issues are very bad (rather stupid) - they take away our freedom of speech and expression rather than enhance our rights within society. The bad issues such as same sex marriage which is utterly preposterous and we should have nothing to do with now. We do not have the money, time of even able to afford this time. 

This is all from agenda 21 and we have a war going on which we must fight, Anyone who follows the Green issues will be concentrating on issues to do with nothing and ignoring our security. We have air force pilots going to war and we have other things to concentrate on. 

Forget same sex marriage as this is a non issue and is out to take us away from far more important issues - let us concentrate on supporting our military fighting this bad war in Iraq rather than jump into stupid matters of no relevance to anything but a few political agitator, trouble makers and online thugs

So I am out to help people see the need for us to get the Green party out of Parliament and shift more to the conservatives and people with a common sense platform of issues. Including this issue which is why God is allowing ISIS to flourish in its present murderous form

so let us reject the Greens and vote for common sense at the next an all elections. 

Agenda 21, I give this a four star **** rating towards agenda 21 as the Green Party will fall into their foothold

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