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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

the world is going cashless - first Sweden - now coming a resticted amount of drawing in Indonesia

A world wide Cashless society is coming very quickly

In Indonesia you can not withdraw any more than US $2,000 cash or 25 Million Rupiah - the same is happening in Sweden and even in Australia it is getting the Opal card for small change. 

Large amounts of money are quickly disappearing to an electronic form of cash that a complete surveillance on all we buy or Sell (Lets look at Revelations 13; you can not buy or sell unless you have the mark) 

the arguments for a cashless society are numerous - from saving robberies of cash, saving black money, easy payment of productrs and goods, to being aable to track all criminals and escaped felons 


the arguments of not having a cashless society outweigh the arguments of pro-cashless in my mind as a cashless society means 1984 by George Orwell is already here and so is the Brave new World by Aldous Huxley and we have lost all our privacy and are now in a contained society, personal freedom far outweighs the arguments for cashless as we all have rights and do not need our rights abused. 

this is coming in reality, even in Sweden it is going cashless, -  Newcastle Australia with the new public transport system Opal Card - could soon take over from cash being king 
soon everywhere !!!

To see articles on a cashless society Click Here !!!

I give this a five star rating towards agenda 21 **** A THIS is heading up to agenda 21 in its fullest. - Environmental sustainability agenda - out of the G20

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